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The generous Dr. DRE

The American Rapper, producer and Entrepreneur Dr. DRE want to fund an Art Centre in Compton with his new Album Compton. He announced that the royalties earned from this new Album shall be donated to the city of Compton in California. This money shall be used to fund an Art Centre in his Hometown.

He said: “I feel it’s the right thing to do and I hope everybody appreciates the work I put into this album. I’ve been really trying to do something special for Compton and just couldn’t quite figure out what it was”. It is the city mayor of Compton Aja Brown who gave him this idea.

The album Compton

The album was released on the 7th of August and is made up of 16 songs. In this album he makes features with stars like Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Ice cube, Snoop dog, The Game, Xzibit and many others. For Dr. DRE, this Album is his Grand Finale.

Par Michele Fante



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