A La découverte de Hosanna Okechukwu

Hosanna had a difficult childhood in a family that did not have many means to give him the education he deserved, later he was picked up by his uncle who brought him to live with him in Cameroon. He arrived in Cameroon in 1989 to serve his uncle where he sold at the market to live. 10 years later he returned to Nigeria and 1 month after his return to Nigeria he met Christ and gave his life completely to God during a crusade in a church. And thereafter he committed himself to sing only to give glory to God.

Currently Hosanna has already composed 2 Christian albums, he has presented himself to several production houses. Previously, when he was singing in the world, he was retained by the production house AKOMBI Records which is very well known in Cameroon and belonged to the late JP the boss, the late owner of Pakita. While waiting for the contract to be signed, JP the boss had problems with the justice system and went to prison, which led to the suspension of his contract with this production company. But in the meantime he already had 5 albums written and sung with masters in the world.

During his trip to Nigeria and his meeting with Christ he realized that there was something he missed, he realized that the musical orientation that burned in him was not what he had to compose being in the world from where he understood the goodness of God. Moreover he expresses it in his first album « CELEBRATE » there is in this album a title called « I am saved » in which he tells his meeting with Jesus-Christ and how he gave his life to God this acceptance which entailed the change of all his being. He realized that this little boy who had no help suddenly had help and consideration which was not the case before he gave his life to the Lord and this is where he got the inspiration for his title CELEBRATE, After leaving his uncle’s house, he had to survive, so he started to fight with everything he could find, he had to do masonry to survive, he also sold on the sly, he started to do many things just to survive. Today he finds himself in music because it was already his passion, he had proposals to produce his worldly pieces but he said no, it would be betraying the one who saved him


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