Biography: Leonette

Born in Ndu on the 4th of September 1990 of Kom parents, christened Ayeah Leonette and growing up with a singing mother found herself having a special thing for singing and eventually music. From years of singing as a house hobby to schools choir singing in C.S Balikumbat, Maria Goretti College and Saint Pauls college Nkwen where I had my education,i grew up liking my arts and making it embodied in me igniting a dream which flourished and was to later on earn me first in the Ebony music contest in Bamenda, Best Artist at the Dream African Network contest and also Top 12 in the MTN make the music contest.
As an embodiment of talents with singing, she built a unique style peculiar to me with a fusion of modern instrumentation and her mother tongue.

Kay – western is song she wrote in her mother tongue. It has a very simple and clear massage for all. It says you know yes I know you know. But don’t kill me for the fact that I don’t know. You can mock me as much as u can, maltreat me, but please take me back home when I die.




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