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Miss cameroon 2015: four days from the D day

We are three days already before the election miss Cameroon 2015. After their entrance at the monastery where they are lodge since last Saturday, the misses are impatient and stressed up as the D day is coming. Today the magazine CULTUREBENE was there for the conference with the president of the COMICA Madame Solange Ingrid AMOUGOU, the Godmother Madame Henriette SOURNAC, and some sponsors. Nevertheless, the first runner of the election Miss Cameroon 2014 Florence EPEE was also there with her new title of Miss West Africa International to support the Misses.

At the conference, a lot of questions were rose up, and a lot of answers followed too. So Cameroonians are invited to vote massively because tele voting is counting a lot and is 30% of the final mark, the percentage allocated for the best cook is 5%, percentage for talent is 5%, and miss internet is also 5%. So you can vote for Miss Cameroon at 8190, because your votes do count.

This week is very tough for the misses, after the conference of today, the competition of the best cook shall be held on Wednesday the 8th, on Thursday the 9th, there will be the competition of Miss Talent and Miss Internet, on Friday the 10th the general repetition shall be held at the congress hall of Yaoundé and on the 11th of July our Miss Cameroon shall be elected during the finals.

By Michele Fante


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