Charly Templar The worldwide DJ Prince of Good Hope

Who is this Prince of Good Hope, and what part has Cameroon played in his international success? Cameroon is a country facing the South Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by Nigeria, Chad, the Central African Republic and three other countries. It’s one of Africa’s most thriving and stable countries whose official languages are French and English as well as being home to over 200 linguistic groups. From such an unlikely source, speaking over 10 languages, Charly Templar was instantly magnetized to various social, musical and humanitarian causes needing to be dealt with on the African continent.

Reams of paper could be written about the many positions he has held and projects he has worked as a driving force bringing assistance to under-privileged people. After he left Africa to take up similar work overseas, he began to see himself as a world- citizen. He worked for three years as a French and ESL teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. At the same time, he developed his abiding belief and passion in the power of music for positive social change by working as a DJ. After that, he did a lengthy stint as a teacher and mentor at the Dasman model School in Kuwait. He then, through music, organized a big fundraising in Kuwait city and the proceeds were given to EFA International (Education Fights AIDS). An NGO which focuses on finding solutions to HIV/AIDS prevention, and helps youth that are affected and infected.

Professional DJ, Teacher and Social worker, Charly Templar has found a combining winning potion of doing what his passion, travel the world and reaching under-privileged people around the globe. His humanitarian side captivated CNNgo Magazine that wrote an article about him, impressed many forum organisers who have invited him to speak at the United Nations Youth assembly on the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) in New York, and many other International youth forums in Indonesia, France, Taiwan…

 Currently, he is working in Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, a vast part of the country most Australians know little about. Affectionately known as the Top End.
As a true artist Charly Templar’s broad canvas with his impressionistic eye translates the problems, injustices and inequalities he finds into well balanced inter-connective forms to alleviate issues of urgency on the ground in an inspiring way that encourages those affected to be an active part of the solution to their problems. In other words, he focuses on empowering youth to be the drivers of their own lives and by co-operating with others, to push forward the boundaries to achieve greater things for themselves. This is the practical and inspiring way he goes about encouraging others to take active measures to enhance their own futures in an on-going way. All of this is at the heart of his philosophical vision.

However, what drives the passion and fire in the furnace of his vision is, without doubt, his firmly held belief that music in its many, varied and complex forms is the key generator of reform as music reaches out to everyone at the most basic of levels and allows the simplest and humblest of messages to be conveyed in their purest form. He believes music connects with one’s soul and once this connection is made, the battle with indifference is over. This, he believes, is best achieved by exercising a healthy balance between body and mind. One of the programs he set up is focused on sporting activities, music and mentoring. As an active sportsman himself, Charly Templar plays a hand’s-on role in setting up the infrastructure including buildings and equipment for these various sports, as well as providing the training/coaching and mentoring. In this way he has been extremely effective in countering the scourges of alcohol abuse and drug dependency so prevalent in Indigenous communities of Australia.

Charly Templar’s unyielding tenacity and messianic vision is driven by his belief in the power of music to alter people’s lives. His DJ skills have been finely honed through the multi-faceted experience he has accumulated through his extensive work as an internationally known and respected DJ. He has worked as a DJ in top clubs and venues in Germany, the US, Kuwait, Africa, Denmark and Australia. In Asia his DJ performances have regularly taken place in Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and Taiwan.

Charly Templar is best classified as a true urban DJ with a love for the Old Skool sounds and an array of genres (Electro-House-Hip Hop, RnB & DnB). He has sided Fames such as Tiesto, Cut Killer, Rahzel, DJ Premier and many others who once were part of one of the many dreams to achieve.  He lives the culture like a local by integrating his charisma, music and sounds to become part of that culture. Even when this Prince of “Good Hope” is not in attendance in the court of his palace, his loyal followers are ensuring his legacy and stature shine brighter than the Golden Fleece of legend and ancient times.

These are the garments of legend that are fittingly molded to Charly Templar’s persona. A multitasked man with a big heart who devotes his time and energy to help others. He is, no doubt, a pioneer of the musical reformation taking place now, and has physically put himself on the frontlines of isolation in order to replenish his vigor, and to redefine music as he nourishes his loyal followers’ ears, longing and starving for his sounds. He has the power to regenerate the belief in a lost nation of REAL MUSIC with purpose.

Where to catch CHARLY TEMPLAR   (Official website – tour dates – mixes) (DJ Profile) (Mixtape/Mashups/Remixes) (Official Youtube) (Official FB Page)  (Radio, every Saturday 4-6pm – Darwin Time)


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