Russia is set to host the world’s largest youth event in 2024

The World Youth Festival taking place in Sochi from March 1 to March 7, 2024 will bring together 20,000 youths from around the globe.

By Baba Samba

What is the World Youth Festival (WYF 2024)?

The World Youth Festival is the largest youth event that will unfold on Russian soil in 2024 assembling a total number of 20,000 young people. The festival will provide a chance for these youths to start a conversation and search for mutual understanding regardless of one’s nationality, political view or inclination or cultural peculiarities. It will kickstart a new friendship and reciprocal enrichment of various national cultures and traditions. In addition, participants will address key youth development issues pertinent to the transition towards a more just, democratic and multipolar world order.

The main objective of the festival shall be to create long-term relationships between active young people from all over the world who will have to build a common future together based on cooperation and the search for a balance of interests. Also, the event will be an excellent platform to meet like-minded peers and find new friends from all over the world.

Moreover, the WYF 2024 will serve participants with a comprehensive program which will let every participant share their skills, knowledge, ideas and views. Such program will comprise several blocks among which are: the discussion program which will encompass talk-shows, presentations, TED talks, game practices and workshops; the cultural program which will consist of performances, concerts, theater productions, shows, exhibitions, fairs, excursions, and the Russian language lessons; and the sports program which will include demonstrations, performances, sports shows, competitions, group workouts, and mass sports events.

Who can participate?

The festival will unite some 20,000 young people from more than 180 countries from all regions of the world: Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Oceania. Of the 20,000 expected participants, 10,000 will be foreign and the other 10,000 Russian nationals. Teenagers up to 1,000 are expected to take part in the festival of which 500 foreign and the rest 500 Russians.

Festival’s participants can be persons between the ages of 18 and 35, as well as teenagers between the ages of 14 and 17 at the time of the event.

Participants of the WYF 2024 can be: IT specialists, scientists, ecologists, entrepreneurs, representatives of the media, specialists in the tourism industry, leaders of volunteer and charity organisations, young athletes, cultural and arts workers, leaders of youth organisations and political parties, young parliamentarians, teachers and mentors, young specialists in the field of urbanisation, young engineers and other professionals.

When and where will the WYF 2024 take place?

Taking place between Friday 1st of March and Thursday 7th of March, 2024, the WYF 2024 which is regarded as the main global event of 2024 will unroll on the Sirius Federal territory, Sochi Olympic Park, Russia located on the coast of the Black Sea, surrounded by the Caucasus mountains. Its infrastructure includes the Olympic Park, the Formula 1 Park, an innovative scientific and technological center, hotels, recreation areas, a concert hall, as well as the Sirius Educational Center for gifted children.

Any fees required?

No. The 20,000 selected participants to take part in the World Youth Festival 2024 will be provided accommodation, feeding, flight tickets, local transportation and a host of other surprises by the Russian government.


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