ECRANS NOIRS 2015: “A Great Woman”

The film queen of Patricia KWENDE a Cameroonian was projected yesterday at the cinema hall of Sita Bella at 2pm.After the film, she held a conference at the festival village of Ecrans Noirs, where she told us that she has already 4 short films but is still working on her first feature film. queen is a short film of 15 minutes but is very interesting. In this film, the main actor/actress is queen a man who disguised himself like a woman to sing in night clubs. queen disguised himself because he feels himself more woman than man. It is only at the end of the film that we discover that queen was not really a woman, so imagine what will happen to queen? To have the answer to this question, you are invited to watch other projections either at Sita Bella, French Cultural Center or at the Festival village of Ecrans Noirs from 2pm.

By Michele Fante


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