Royalties: The new president of the CMPC installed

MBALLA ELANGA Edmond VII, the new president of the permanent commission of mediation and control (CPMC) was installed by the Minister of Art and Culture Mrs AMA TUTU MUNA ON Friday the 28th 2015.  MBALLA ELANGA Edmond was the reporter in the previous team, and now he replaces Mrs Irene Melanie NGWENANG (who stood in interim) he shall be assisted by


Mr. ESSOMBA Gabriel

Mr. MAINA Anatole

Mr. Leopold KWEMDJEU

To those ones, shall be added the Four General Managers of the four bodies of joint management of home and of neighbouring royalties.

Mrs KWENTIE Sylvie (reporter) shall be assisted by Mrs. KOUM DISSAKE Ivanne Mara

(Deputy Reporter).

The new president and his team have as task to bring a new dynamic to the royalties, to clean up the area and shall also take part in the improvement of the life style of artists. The new team shall equally clean up the royalties’ area under the supervision of the Minister of Art and Culture (MINAC). “Lead your mission in security, you have my entire support. Be transparent. Enhance the security of income for a better redistribution to all those having the right.” The MINAC told them.

The mission of CPMC

The members of the CPMC have as mission:

Ensure the administrative and financial control of the bodies of joint management of home and neighbouring royalties.

Ensure unity and peace within big family of artists.

Ensure good mediation between the organisations of joint management of home and neighbouring royalties and the users of this work of art.

AMA TUTU MUNA asked MBALLA Edmond VII and his team to: “establish the artists of different boards at the centre of actions in their favour. Ensure Republican atmosphere. Ensure harmony and peace amongst the artists…”

The ceremony ended with a family picture.




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