Chad: 10 Members of Boko Haram Sentenced to Death

“I won’t live Boko Haram” said one of the head of the sect in charge of Cameroon and Chad. These men were arrested in Djamena and the verdict was supposed to be read on the 3rd of September 2015.The sentenced was released earlier than expected that is on the 28th of August 2015; five days before the expected day.

After 2 days of tensed deliberations, the judges declared the 10 men of Boko Haram guilty. For, they are said to have participated to the suicide bomb of attack of the 15th of June in Djamena that left so many families bereaved. There were 254 victims during this suicide bomb attack amongst which 69 people that lost their life.

After the release of the verdict, one of these men who did not feel any remorse said “I won’t live Boko Haram. Anyway, I shall be killed by others if I dare do that. This decision to kill came from above. My work only consists in the giving of guns and ammunitions” said Mahamat Moustapha alias Bana Fanaye.

Par Michele Fante


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