Ewube is back !!

She is back with a new sound, new wave and a new vibe all her fans will love. After releasing 5 singles under her new label Omega Records, with “On Melange” being the last of the batch.

Sixth single under Omega Records, Cherie Coco talks about the love a young lady has for a gentleman despite the rumours her friends say about him and what they say about her acting crazy about him. The rhythmic sound of this single with the drums, bass and hint of traditional instruments coupled with Ewube’s amazing vocals was made possible by producer extraordinaire CFX. Who better to transform the auditory emotion to visuals than Adah Akenji?

Cherie Coco will be released on the 1st of February at 6pm. It will be available on all streaming platforms as well.

FACEBOOK – Ewube Official

Twitter – @Its_Ewube

Instagram – its_ewube

YouTube – Ewube Official


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