The artist Makon signs a great comeback with a spicy track: Pepper

We’re not going  to say that Makon is of those artists we listen everyday. But each of his musical releases is a masterpiece on a purely artistic level. He has just confirmed it again with Pepper, his new single already available on streaming platforms. This single by one touch Entertainment, is in fact a chosen track from an upcoming EP.

Pepper is a big musical freak on a frenzied rhythm that will make Cameroon and the whole of Africa dance. Since its release on the artist’s official youtube account, netizens have been raving about it.

Makon isn’t just known for his uncanny resemblance to Akon, the big star of American show biz. It must be said that the artist has a lot to be proud of musically. First the song Halla Ya Matta which revealed him in 2015. Then, his collaborations with stars like Kocee, Mimie, Rich Khasino and many more.

Makon is not the artist you put in a small box. As he himself says, his musical universe has no limits. A perfect illustration is Kossa, his 2021 single, very close to amapiano, a popular rhythm in South Africa that borrows from deep house and jazz.

Pepper, the new single from the 32-year-old artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist, is a real comeback in that the song is a taste of a bigger project to come.

After graduating from the University of Buea with a degree in political science, Makon, whose real name is Yong Mark Ndi, chose music where many would have dressed in a lawyer’s robe to defend justice. Instead, he decided to plead guilty to hits that delight Cameroonian and African music lovers.

A choice of the heart, which vibrates in line with the childhood dreams of this Cameroonian from the north-west and ambassador of Cameroonian culture on an international scale.


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