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Professor Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI, minister of Arts and Culture, elected the president and installed the members of the commission of Arts and Letters on Thursday 29th of October 2015. Mouhtar OUSMANE MEY General Secretary of the ministry of Art and Culture was elected president of the said commission, he shall be assisted by a team constituted of: Ambroise MBIA, Pr Bole BUTAKE, Dr ASHERI KILO, Alphonse BENI, Jacques EYOUM MADIBA, Pr Marcellin VOUNDA ETOA, Evelyne MPOUNDI NGOLLE, EKO Louise Roosevelt, Marcellin OTTOU et Haman Daniel ISNEBO and a representative of the ministry of finance.

Under the authority of the MINAC, the commission of Arts and Letters has as mission to permit him appreciate the quality, originality and authenticity of claims addressed to him encouraged of artistic and cultural projects so that the government can subsidize creativity, productivity and the dynamism of the cultural and artistic expression in Cameroon. In their concern to revitalize arts and letters in occurrence to ameliorate the condition of life and social fate of artists, the head of state S.E Paul BIYA has implemented a special affectation account relative assistance to cultural policy, affirmed the Minac Pr Narcisse MOUELLE KOMBI.

Objectivity, transparency and efficiency are for President M. Mouhtar OUSMANE MEY the key words for this mission assigned to them. Prevailing himself of the expertise and said competence of the technicians that he preside, M. Mouhtar OUSMANE MEY assure that the Minac can count on that organ who won’t fail its objectives. It is important to highlight that the charge for the running of the commission of Arts and Letters is assured by the special affectation account.



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