Shake That Sin Reportage TV Spectacle

Avec son nouveau spectacle Shake that sin, la chorégraphe Maïmouna Coulibaly explore nos 7 pêchés capitaux par les biais de l’actualité à travers le monde entier.
Ovationné à San Francisco, ce spectacle où l’humour et la sensualité visitent les tréfonds de l’âme humaine.
Shake That Sin, an hour plus of booty shakin’– NOT. Through the dance genres Ndombolo, Kuduru, Coupe de Cale, and Reggae Dancehall (all which focus on the booty and the hips), choreographer/storyteller Maimouna Coulibaly crafts an energetic, fun and thought provoking work based on the seven deadly sins– gluttony, sloth, envy, greed, pride, wrath, lust– that explores the destructive and or dehumanizing elements of these extreme emotions and behavoirs (obesity, shiftlessness, low/no self-esteem/depression, maliciousness, domestic violence, etc.). Maimouna doesn’t stop there; she seamlessly weaves a tapestry of carefully chosen sound scapes, projected visuals of historical and contemporary socio-polical commentary, and movement that brings the audience along each sin’s (represented by a dancer) journey to resolutions of humility vs. pride, kindness vs. envy, abstinence vs. gluttony, chastity/right to choose vs. lust, patience vs. wrath, liberality vs. greed, and diligence/activeness vs. sloth. 
We all experience these emotions every now and then, but how many of us express and arrest them with dance. Come on out and get your shake .


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