A la Découverte de D.FRANCS

Francis E.N.N (a.k.a) D.Francs. Was born the 16 July in Yaoundé, from Cameroonian parents. Samuel Ngale Njume and Marie Ekosso. In a family of six children where he is the second son. D.Francs school his first few years of primary in Yaoundé, kumba, Buea and later moved with his family to Abidjan, Ivory Cost, where the father was a diplomat at the African Development Bank.(ADB).And further his college/university studies in Ghana, Ivory Cost, France and the USA. Where he studied fashion design and marketing at the Daytona beach community college (DBCC) in Florida and the American college for the applied art in Atlanta ,Georgia. Having that gift of songwriting, composing, and hanging out with some friends of the Embryriddle piloting university in Daytona beach, Florida , who were into a music too, and participating in some of their repetition, that’s when the hidden talent that was in him took a different turn. He started writing/composing his own songs and rapping with D.J Rob, skinny pimp .

D.Francs who entered into hip hop in 90 s, member of the copyright office (BURIDA) in Ivory coast for the past 16yrs.Actively 2 recorded album, officially not out. Has participated in house parties and club appearances in Florida and most West African countries. Presently with a new album “WRONGMAN” mastered ready to hit the market. Songs written/ compose in English, by D. Francs from “ROAD STUDIO” Auto produced by Francis Ngale Njume E. from DON PROD. Benefited from from keyboard player Vincent, vocal interpretation from Ricko from the group Leitmotiv, and D. Francs himself. studio technicians Tony, D.francs, Echantilion.

“WRONGMANG” Which is all about females being with the undesired man. Advising them ,its never too late to start back a relationship that’s for their desire, not because of the finance or some specific objective that’s not giving them entire satisfaction or getting hooked up with someone she doesn’t love.

As current activity, owns a recording studio, has created his own label under the name of “DON PROD” which deals with music production and Graphic design. Chief editor of nations magazine, own by the dad who past away a year ago, may his soul rest in perfect peace. Project working on other album, composing and song writing for other artist musicians, and a new Diaspora entertainment magazine “Bush faller “that should be adding a plus to the media world.


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