ECRANS NOIRS 2015: The festival village of « écrans noirs »

The 19th edition of écran noir festival began last Saturday at the Congress Hall of Yaoundé. The opening was not so famous and was highly criticised by the television viewers. This week is highly important for Cameroonians in particular and Africans in general, because this Festival is presenting to the public different African films and series that they may know or not. That is, during this week, Africans shall be familiar with films and series directed and produced by Africans. Cameroonians are therefore urged to come and visit the different stall present at the 20th May Boulevard of Yaoundé.
This is the second day that the festival Village of écran noir has opened. Today at this festival village the presence of different African producers, directors and actors was noticed, but the different stall were still empty with low or no population. That is, the atmosphere is still timid due to the little number of visitors. So to remediate to this problem, African films are broadcasted everyday as from 2pm at the festival village, Goethe institute and the French Cultural Centre. This Monday as from 7pm you are invited to come and watch some African series that are usually broadcasted on Afrique plus(A+) which is an additional chanel of Canal+ Afrique, and these series  shall be followed by a movie at the Festival village.
The different series are “Les jeux interdits”, “African City”, “Dinama Nekh”, “Shuga”  “c’est la vie” and the movie that shall followed is “ Claire ou l’enfant de l’amour”. You are therefore urged to come and watch these films free of charge.
By Michele Fante


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